Steps to Christ


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You can listen to each chapter of the book by clicking on the links. We recommend that each chapter is heard according to the order below:

Chapter 01 - God's love for man

Chapter 02 - The sinner's need of Christ

Chapter 03 - Repentance

Chapter 04 - Confession

Chapter 05 - Consecration

Chapter 06 - Faith and acceptance

Chapter 07 - The test of discipleship

Chapter 08 - Growing into Christ

Chapter 09 - The work and the life

Chapter 10 - A knowledge of God

Chapter 11 - The priviledge of prayer

Chapter 12 - What to do with doubt

Chapter 13 - Rejoicing in the Lord

Alternatively you may chose to read the book on your computer, tablet or smartphone by clicking the link below. You can also follow the audio chapters as you read from this book.

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Animation of the Three Angels of Revelation Chapter 14

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