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Sabbath School is a methodical study of the Bible where a booklet is provided for each age group. The study guide is distributed every three months to all members (and visitors) so each can study the lessons during the week. Every Saturday (Sabbath) morning the material for that week is discussed in a small class group setting and the participants can engage in the discussion by learning to apply the Biblical principles to everyday life. In the Church, there are classes both for adults and children of different ages.


Vision for Sabbath School

‘The Sabbath school is a missionary field, and very much more of a missionary spirit should be manifested in this important work than has been manifested in the past’.
EG White, Testimonies on Sabbath School Work, page 35.

History of Sabbath School

Adventist Sabbath School, the general equivalent of Sunday Schools of other denominations, began in 1852 when Mr James White wrote the first Sabbath School lessons.

Early Sabbath Schools had only two divisions, one for children and one for adults, called "The Bible Class". In 1863, the first series of Sabbath School lessons adapted for children became available and introduced to the children's group.

Who can attend the Sabbath School Classes?

Everyone is welcome to attend to Sabbath School. All visitors have the opportunity to obtain a hard copy of the study pamphlet FREE of charge. Please ask the church elder for more information. Access to a digital copy of the lesson is available online by clicking to the image link below.

When can you attend Sabbath School Classes?

 The Sabbath School Bible classes begins at 9:30am each Sabbath (Saturday) mornings before the main worship service in the main church.

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