Children's Ministries


How does Fairfield Adventist Church prepare the children for ministry?

The Children's Ministries group is very committed to all children that attend the church. They are all special in God's eyes (Matthew 19:14) and no distinction is made between those who attend regularly and the visiting children. The children's activities are designed according to each age group and help the child develop an understanding of truths about God that are found in the stories of the Bible. These create faith and trust in God as they grow in time and learn to serve Him.

When do the Children meet?

Every Saturday morning from 9:30am to 10:40am the children engage in songs, quizzes and Bible games. All kids are welcome to participate in the Sabbath School classes. 

Can the Children be part of a Club?

There are two clubs by which the children can be part of. They are Adventurer Club and Pathfinder Club.

Adventurer Club

Adventurer Club is a program for children ages 5 to 9 purposed with strengthening relationships between parent and child and to further the child’s spiritual, physical, mental and social development. The children progress through five class levels - Eager Beaver (Kindergarten), Busy Bee (1st Grade), Sunbeam (2nd Grade), Builder (3rd Grade), and Helping Hand (4th Grade) - under the guidance of Class Counselors and Parents.

Pathfinder Club

Pathfinders Club is designed for age range of 10 to 16 years to socialise with each other as well as learn and develop life skills. Run by qualified and committed leaders of the church.

Both Clubs participate in a range of activities which include: abseiling, canoeing, camping & hiking and crafts. They also learn to develop important life values such as teamwork, commitment and self-respect. The honour badges can be earned for completing requirements on specific topics in the areas of nature, craft and recreation, and at the end of each year both clubs present awards to the children based on achievement of various skills.

Are there any online activities?

Below there are three links available that range from 6 to 17 years of age. They can discover God by participating in these activities as well as reading. Click on the appropiate link below:

My place with Jesus - Interactive Bible Studies for Kids

Kids' Time 4 Jesus

What resource can help kids know more about the Bible?

The link below is prefect for the questions kids may have...

Do you have any questions we can help you with?

Animation of the Three Angels of Revelation Chapter 14

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