Adventist Youth


What is Adventist Youth all about?

We are a support of young people who come together with a desire to know more about God and one another.

How does Adventist Youth prepare for ministry?

The local church is very committed to all young adults that attend the church. The various activities are designed to meet the needs of each person and help develop a understanding of truths about God and a character to meet life's challenges in a demanding world. Through mutual strength and fellowship, the group comes together to encourage one another to trust God for all things as they learn to serve Him.

When do Adventist Youth meet?

Every Saturday morning from 10:00am to 10:40am. All young adults are welcome to participate in the Sabbath School class. There are other activities and meetings where the group meet. 

How can young adults be part of Adventist Youth?

Feel free to join the group that meet each Saturday in the church. Ask for Harvey Gustave (AY Leader)

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